Catastrophe: How Obama, Congress, and the Special Interest Are Transforming... a Slump Into a Crash, Freedom Into Socialism, and a (Paperback)

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We have to stop Obama's radical agenda. Now.

We must act before President Barack Obama fully implements his radical political agenda. Because after Obama has won his war on prosperity and canceled the war on terror, it will be too late to regain our liberty or our security. Here's the truth about Obama and his radical policies: He will destroy our health care system so that no one gets adequate care. He firmly believes in government control of our major industries he's already commandeered the banks and the automobile industry. He plans to reshape the political landscape to keep the left in power for decades by cooking the census, enfranchising illegal immigrants, muzzling talk radio, and coercing workers into unions. He is attacking those who fight terrorism while letting the terrorists go free. He has repealed the Declaration of Independence and put us under a worldwide, European-dominated financial regulatory system.

And Obama is not working alone. Congress is complicit in the conspiracy.

It's a catastrophe. But as Dick Morris and Eileen McGann remind us, This is no time for apathy or alienation or hopelessness. It's a time for action. And that action must begin now before it's too late.

About the Author

Dick Morris served as Bill Clinton's political consultant for twenty years. A regular political commentator on Fox News, he is the author of ten New York Times bestsellers (all with Eileen McGann) and one Washington Post bestseller.

Eileen McGann is an attorney who, with her husband, Dick, writes columns for the New York Post and for their website, She has written extensively about the abuses of Congress and the need for reform.
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ISBN: 9780061771057
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Publisher: Harper Paperbacks
Publication Date: July 2010
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