Badass: The Birth of a Legend (Paperback)

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From sex-crazed gods to ravenous monsters, Ben Thompson brings legendary titans to life in tales of adventure, bloodlust, and unrelenting badassitude.

Since the beginning of human history people have created myths, tall tales, superheroes, and arch-villains--men and women who embarked on insane adventures, performed extraordinary feats of unparalleled awesomeness, and overcame all odds to violently smite their foes into bloody pulp. In Badass: The Birth of a Legend, Ben Thompson compiles these fantastical tales from the beginning of time to today and tells them in the completely over-the-top manner in which they were intended, including:

RamaThe Indian god-king who led an army of monkeys against the King of All Demons

ThorThe Viking god of thunder and awesome hair, who crushed the skulls of giants with a ridiculously huge hammer

BeowulfAn Anglo-Saxon hero so hardcore he could arm-wrestle monsters' joints out of their sockets

Moby-DickThe hate-filled literary behemoth who obliterated ship hulls with his face

SkuldThe Norse necromancer queen who summoned a horde of zombie berserkers

Dirty Harry Callahan The prototypical modern-day antihero and very embodiment of badass.

About the Author

Ben Thompson has run the warhammer of a website since 2004, and has written humorous history-related columns for outlets such as Cracked, Fangoria, Penthouse, and the American Mustache Institute. Even though he's never flown a jetpack over the Atlantic Ocean or punched someone so hard that his head exploded, he is considered by many to be the world's foremost expert on badassitude. He is the author of Badass and Badass: The Birth of a Legend.
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ISBN: 9780062001351
ISBN-10: 0062001353
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Publication Date: March 15th, 2011
Pages: 384
Language: English
Series: Badass