Keynes Hayek: The Clash That Defined Modern Economics (Hardcover)

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From their first face-to-face encounter to the heated arguments between their ardent disciples, Nicholas Wapshott here unearths the contemporary relevance of Keynes and Hayek, as present-day arguments over the virtues of the free market and government intervention rage with the same ferocity as they did in the 1930s.

About the Author

Nicholas Wapshott is a journalist and the author of "Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher: A Political Marriage". A former senior editor at "The Times" of London and the "New York Sun", he lives in New York.
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ISBN: 9780393077483
ISBN-10: 0393077489
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Publication Date: October 11th, 2011
Pages: 382
Language: English