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Nate Blakeslee with AMERICAN WOLF

The intimate, involving story of the rise and reign of O-Six, the fabled Yellowstone wolf, and the people who loved or feared her.

Before men ruled the Earth, there were wolves. Once abundant in North America, these majestic creatures were hunted to near extinction by the 1920s. But in recent decades, conservationists have brought wolves back to the Rockies, igniting a battle over the very soul of the West.

American Wolf: A True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West Cover Image
ISBN: 9781101902783
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Published: Crown Publishing Group (NY) - October 17th, 2017

Dave DiBenedetto with S IS FOR SOUTHERN

From the bestselling authors of The Southerner’s Handbook, Good Dog, and The Southerner’s Cookbook comes a lively compendium of Southern tradition and contemporary culture.

S Is for Southern: A Guide to the South, from Absinthe to Zydeco Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062445148
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: Harper Wave - October 24th, 2017


Jane Stanley has lived in 42 homes and held more than 25 different jobs. She’s been married five times (to four men) and holds four advanced degrees. She’s started a private school, an alternative school for juvenile offenders, and a pilot pre-school for three-year-olds. At the age of 58, she decided to become a minister. She preaches each Sunday in a poverty stricken neighborhood of Gulfport, Mississippi. As a testament to her success from the pulpit, one of her congregants recently bragged, “This stuff works! I’m not half the slut I used to be!”

Jane: A Memoir Cover Image
ISBN: 9781936946747
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Published: Nautilus Publishing Company - September 7th, 2017

John Cofield with OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI: THE COFIELD COLLECTION (at The Chancellor's House)

A pictorial history of Oxford, Mississippi, with John Cofield's unique style of telling the town's tale. Featuring photographs from the Dain, Meek, Leslie, and Cofield collections, as well as many private collections. Join us at The Chancellor's House for a signing on Monday, October 16th (no on-site parking available).


From the Chickasaw Cession to Yoknapatawhpa: Historical Essays on North Mississippi is a collection of essays and documents written by Mississippians over the years, a mosaic that tells the story of the settlement and growth of North Mississippi and explores its literary significance. The fullest of the five sections is devoted to the Chickasaw Cession. We see the mix of native people and settlers, and learn the early history of the twelve counties.

Robert St. John & Wyatt Waters with A MISSISSIPPI PALATE

Robert St. John and Wyatt Waters have done it again! These noted Mississippians are pleased to introduce their fourth collaboration. With St. John's innovative versions of traditional and contemporary Mississippi recipes, along with Waters' famed watercolors of the state's most indelible images, it's sure to be another classic from the pair that brought us A Southern Palate, Southern Seasons, and An Italian Palate.

Alex Lemon with FEVERLAND

Brain surgery. Assault weapons in the bed of a pickup truck. Sophia Loren at the Oscars. Rilke, Rodin, and the craters of the moon. Recovery and disintegration. Monkeys stealing an egg outside a temple in Kathmandu. Brushing teeth bloody on long car rides under blue skies. Pain, ours and what we bring to others. Wildfires in southern California. Rats in Texas. Childhood abuse.

Feverland: A Memoir in Shards Cover Image
ISBN: 9781571313362
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Milkweed Editions - September 19th, 2017