All the Pretty Hearses: A Bed-and-Breakfast Mystery (Kobo eBook)

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Bed-and-breakfast owner and amateur sleuth Judith McMonigle Flynn has to deal with a case of insurance fraud-and mystery meat gone bad-in this delightful entry to the beloved series by USA Today bestselling author Mary Daheim

All the Pretty Hearses

There s no fun in fund-raiser for Judith McMonigle Flynn when she donates an overnight stay at Hillside Manor for the parish school s annual auction-not when the pricey winning bid goes to the persnickety Paine family. Dinner is included-if Judith can sort through the endless allergies and aversions of the painfully picky Paines. The last thing she needs is another B&B guest who checks out permanently. Thankfully, her husband, Joe, is home early. His latest surveillance job has just ended abruptly with a .38 Smith & Wesson blowing away the insurance fraud suspect. Unfortunately, the gun belongs to Joe, who finds himself in a jail cell as a murder suspect while Judith tries to find what s left of her mind-and the real killer.

But Joe s dilemma and the unbearable Paines aren t Judith s only problems. Her cantankerous mother, Gertrude, has agreed to let a wealthy parishioner stable a horse in her toolshed apartment; cousin Renie is trying to force-feed her loathsome Shrimp Dump recipe to the parish cookbook fundraising committee; and neighbor Arlene Rankers wants to know why some parish schoolkids, including her grandson, are sick after the weekly hamburger lunch.

Judith figures she s already got way too much on her plate, so what else could possibly go wrong? On the other hand, at Hillside Manor, what can possibly go right?

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ISBN-13: 9780062092403
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: August 8th, 2011