Fantastic Fancy Nancy & the Phenomenal Jane O'Connor!

Yesterday all of our pinkest dreams at Square Books Jr. came true with a visit from FANCY NANCY author Jane O'Connor.  On her way to Square Books Mrs. O'Connor stopped first at Lafayette Elementary School where she held more than 300 1st & 2nd graders in thrall---the boys too! After a gourmet luncheon at Chez Proud Laurent she signed books at Square Books Jr. before popping over to Off Square Books for the big event. Genevieve Fortner and her dancers from the Oxford Ballet School warmed up at the barre while the very pink, very glamorous audience waited for Mrs. O'Connor to arrive and read from her latest collaboration with illustrator Robin Preiss Glasser, FANCY NANCY & THE MERMAID BALLET.  Prizes, generously donated by Holli's Sweet Tooth and mermaid crowns from Fancy Nancy publisher Harper Collins were distributed before Mrs. O'Connor read and then taught us all about how to use a banana to work on grace and comportment.  It was such a grand time that, although we use our purplest prose, there just aren't words fancy enough to describe it!  Thank you to Harper Collins Publishers, Holli's Sweet Tooth, Oxford Ballet School, Lafayette Elementary School, Jane O'Connor, and all of our loyal customers for making Oxford a fancier place!





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