Balcony Piece

This must be the center of the universe.”

Josephine Humphreys, sitting on the Square Books balcony on a breezy May morning in 1991. 

Readers, writers, and visitors from Oxford and beyond, as well as Ole Miss students, have long enjoyed a quiet, solitary morning with a cup of coffee or an afternoon meeting with lovers and friends on the balcony outside the second floor of Square Books overlooking the historic Square.

Numerous book signings have taken place on this balcony, with esteemed authors like Willie Morris, accompanied by the late, great Charlie Jacobs on tenor sax and Fish Mickie on keyboard. John Grisham, Larry Brown, and Buddy Nordan have also graced this spot with their presence. Additionally, the balcony has hosted various book conference events. On one occasion, Seymour Lawrence generously donated his papers to the University and invited all his authors for a weekend gathering. Notable writers such as Jim Harrison, Jayne Anne Phillips, Richard Bausch, Tim O'Brien, Gish Jen, Tom Drury, William Kotzwinkle, Susan Minot, Dan Wakefield, Barry Hannah, Frank Conroy, and Tom McGuane all congregated on the balcony for a reception.

The Square Books balcony is also a favored vantage point for witnessing Christmas and 4th of July parades. Moreover, it has witnessed the exchange of vows in three weddings and numerous marriage proposals.

The balcony continues to be a destination for all sorts of people throughout all hours of the day and the four seasons of the year. These are people discovering Oxford for the first time or thos revisiting fond memories of the past. Square Books endeavors to accommodate and enjoys welcoming these visitors, our friends.

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