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SQUARE BOOKS is delighted and honored to be the Winter 2023–24 partner of Book Post, a book-reviewing newsletter.
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To help us while away the dark and lonely months, Chris Benfey will join Book Post in February to read Willa Cather’s My Ántonia.

Interested readers can save 15% on My Ántonia here (discount applied automatically in cart).

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Welcome Back Students!

What Square Books Can Do for You

  • QUICK & EASY SHOPPING Students in Mississippi can get their required school reading tax free. You can place your order in store, over the phone, or here on our website.orders for in-stock titles are often ready for pickup in less than a day. Some tips:
    • Look for the listing On Our Shelves Now for most in-stock titles. If we do not have a title, we will do our best to get it for you as quickly as possible -- as soon as overnight, in some cases.

    • Search for your books by ISBN-13 (the numbers near the barcode) to be sure you're getting the correct edition. 

    • We are a trade bookstore so we won't be able to provide textbooks but we have access to just about every novel, essay collection, etc. currently in print.

Bookseller Essays: Dani

While we wait out the current health crisis, Richard encouraged us to think about the power of books in difficult times. Today, bookseller Dani writes about finding solace in reading.

In the darkest moments of my life books have saved me over and over again. Now in the midst of a global health crisis when I began to feel powerless and confused and overwhelmed with anxiety, the only thing that gives me solace is books.


Mississippi has been among the last states to entertain the Coronavirus, and it has now become necessary to understand how it may affect us and wise to take precautions.

    While human health is everyone's chief concern, many independent or local businesses have begun to feel the effects of lower traffic and diminished sales.   Small businesses are rarely flush with cash, and thus can be severely and quickly harmed by even a brief recession.  As I write this, Square Books is not struggling, but chances are good that it may struggle.   We wish to emphasize how important it is to support local businesses of all kinds at this time, and some of the details below about Square Books details apply to other local businesses as well.

Square Books reflects on the life of Oxford Icon Ron 'Ronzo' Shapiro


Ron Shapiro, who, as most in this part of the world knows, passed away Monday.  When word got around town, which was instantly, that Ronzo was sick, the reaction was collective denial.   And now his passing seems unfathomable to many.  He was famous in Oxford, and some points beyond, known for, among other attributes, his open spirit, friendliness, playful sense of humor, concern for others, and positive attitude.