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Bookseller Essays: Dani

While we wait out the current health crisis, Richard encouraged us to think about the power of books in difficult times. Today, bookseller Dani writes about finding solace in reading.

In the darkest moments of my life books have saved me over and over again. Now in the midst of a global health crisis when I began to feel powerless and confused and overwhelmed with anxiety, the only thing that gives me solace is books.


Mississippi has been among the last states to entertain the Coronavirus, and it has now become necessary to understand how it may affect us and wise to take precautions.

    While human health is everyone's chief concern, many independent or local businesses have begun to feel the effects of lower traffic and diminished sales.   Small businesses are rarely flush with cash, and thus can be severely and quickly harmed by even a brief recession.  As I write this, Square Books is not struggling, but chances are good that it may struggle.   We wish to emphasize how important it is to support local businesses of all kinds at this time, and some of the details below about Square Books details apply to other local businesses as well.

Square Books reflects on the life of Oxford Icon Ron 'Ronzo' Shapiro


Ron Shapiro, who, as most in this part of the world knows, passed away Monday.  When word got around town, which was instantly, that Ronzo was sick, the reaction was collective denial.   And now his passing seems unfathomable to many.  He was famous in Oxford, and some points beyond, known for, among other attributes, his open spirit, friendliness, playful sense of humor, concern for others, and positive attitude. 

Spring Break Reads Junior

Picture Book

No More Poems! A Book in Verse That Just Gets Worse 
by Rhett Miller and Dan Santat 
The perfect read aloud for a long car trip, this rollicking books of rhymes will have your kids roaring with laughter. As a bonus, you can get Dan Santat to sign this book when he visits us on March 29th for the Oxford Conference for the Book.


An Unlikely Connection

By the time Larry Brown began writing On Fire, he had given us four books in four years, a book of stories and a novel—Facing the Music and Dirty Work—and then another book of stories and novel—Big Bad Love and Joe. Back then he told me he'd been thinking of a nonfiction book, and that he was intrigued by Rick Bass' Oil Notes. For a while, the working title for this book was "Fire Notes." On Fire was   well received by critics and his growing body of readers alike upon publication in 1993.

Fortune's Famous Ice Cream's Famous Oxford Sign

Square Books / Fortune's Famous Ice Cream

At Square Books it's not unusual to see people open the front door, stick their heads in, then turn around and leave. We know who these people are. They have seen the Fortune's Ice Cream sign on our building, come in for ice cream, then think, no, this is a bookstore. We run after them because, like we said, we know them. We quickly say, "Are you looking for ice cream?" And they say, "Yes!"