George Floyd

It hardly needs to be said that the murder of George Floyd has utterly changed the dynamic of the dialogue and, one hopes, the behavior, as well, about race in America.
Only a few years ago, I had a sense of optimism about some progress in this regard,
as well as a renewed spirit to compel further progress, and expressed that here.  

Square Books’ lifelong support for and promotion of the First Amendment is closely aligned with a dedication to  racial justice.

Bookseller Essays: Dani

While we wait out the current health crisis, Richard encouraged us to think about the power of books in difficult times. Today, bookseller Dani writes about finding solace in reading.

In the darkest moments of my life books have saved me over and over again. Now in the midst of a global health crisis when I began to feel powerless and confused and overwhelmed with anxiety, the only thing that gives me solace is books.