Skywriting by Word of Mouth (Paperback)

Skywriting by Word of Mouth By John Lennon Cover Image

Skywriting by Word of Mouth (Paperback)


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Written in its author’s much-imitated, never-duplicated voice, populated with his own illustrations, full of the wit and honesty that helped make him one of the most iconic, polarizing figures of the 20th Century, Skywriting by Word of Mouth is the lost and recovered, posthumously published autobiography of John Lennon.

“John wrote Skywriting at a time when the world was wondering whatever happened to him. Why wasn’t he writing songs anymore? Well, this is what he was busy doing… I’m glad that I can now share these writings with you. I’m sure John would be, too.” — Yoko Ono (from the afterword)

“Had he never sung a note, John Lennon still might have made his mark - as a successor to Lewis Carroll, James Joyce, and other brilliantly playful molders and expanders of the English language.” — Los Angeles Times

“Candid and scathing...A reflection of its author’s creativity and enduring appeal.” — People

“Skywriting is a thrill… Lennon at his best.” — San Jose Mercury News

“It is no wonder John Lennon’s fans grow more in love with him as time goes by...His great influence on popular music makes him impossible to forget, so does this book.” — Houston Chronicle

“Marvelous, delightful reading and for John Lennon fans a must.” — Publishers Weekly