Zumwalt: The Life and Times of Admiral Elmo Russell "Bud" Zumwalt, Jr. (Hardcover)

Zumwalt: The Life and Times of Admiral Elmo Russell
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“Painstakingly researched and crafted, Larry Berman’s Zumwalt is a compelling and rich portrait of one of the nation’s great patriots.”
—Walter Anderson, former editor and CEO of Parade

Zumwalt is a compelling portrait of the controversial military man who is widely regarded as the founder of the modern U.S. Navy, Admiral Elmo Russell “Bud” Zumwalt. Chief of Naval Operations during the decades-long Cold War crisis, Zumwalt implemented major strategic innovations that endure to this day, especially in his campaign against racism and sexism throughout the fleet. Larry Berman, the author of Perfect Spy, offers a fascinating, detailed look at an extraordinary man—winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom—an inspiring portrait of leadership that is essential in these troubled times.

Praise For…

“A splendid biography of an extraordinary leader who commanded U.S. naval forces in Vietnam and as Chief of Naval Operations dragged the Navy into the twentieth century. The chapter on Zumwalt’s war against the paranoiac secrecy of the Nixon White House is a gem of historical research and analysis.”

“An engaging and highly readable portrait of one of the Navy’s truly transformative figures and arguably the most innovative and controversial CNOs of the Cold War era.”

“Zumwalt was a visionary whose charismatic brand of leadership was grounded in an unflinching dedication coupled with a belief that barriers to equality and progress have no place in America. This volume is rich with moving details from countless individuals who were inspired by his integrity and courage.”

” Zumwalt was an iconic figure for generations of sailors who served under his command or who were motivated by his example. His dedication to his country and the US Navy was a model for those who want to serve.”

“ZUMWALT may be Larry Berman’s best book on Vietnam. Exhaustively researched, beautifully written, here is the war through the prism of one of America’s greatest officers. I loved it and learned from it. Read it.”

“Bud Zumwalt was a fearless leader. He was also a fascinating, thoughtful and brilliant sailor. I learned a lot about leadership from him over the years - so will you when you read ZUMWALT.”

“This is a fine tribute to a man of high achievement and character.”

You can’t understand today’s Navy without acknowledging Zumwalt’s role in modernizing its technology and renewing its soul. He believed in a Navy worthy of our nation...those who chose to serve in it were deserving of respect and dignity. Zumwalt is the story of a true American hero.
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Publication Date: October 9th, 2012
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