Face It and Fix It: A Three-Step Plan to Break Free from Denial and Discover the Life You Deserve (Hardcover)

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World-renowned interventionist Ken Seeley, one of the hosts of A&E's hit television series Intervention, has spent the past twenty years helping people and their families deal with and overcome life-threatening addictions. His clients have ranged from the homeless to multimillionaires, each needing professional help with every problem imaginable, including alcoholism, drug dependency, excessive gambling, sexual addiction, abusive behavior, and mental disorders. A few years into his career, Ken realized that the one common characteristic with each of his clients was denial. He has since built his success on a proven program for pinpointing and dealing with this core issue.

Whether coping with a severe or a soft addiction, a life-threatening situation, or just an impediment to true happiness, we're all in denial about something.

It might be small and seemingly innocent, such as the fact that you're not trying to excel in your job as much as you could or should be. Or it could be much larger and even potentially lethal, such as a full-blown addiction that at this very moment is destroying your life. The truth is, no matter who you are, no matter how small or large your problems may seem, denial is holding you back from living your life to the fullest.

Denial is the number one symptom of addiction. It's the mask that lets addicts ignore and avoid the consequences of their actions. But what most people don't know is that denial is also the fuel that creates an addiction in the first place--as well as nearly every other disorder, behavior, and habit that can negatively affect your life. In Face It and Fix It, Seeley leads readers through a three-step process to remove life-damaging denial in order to live balanced and healthy lives. He helps readers first to identify life-damaging behaviors; next he gives the tools necessary to break down the walls that denial builds up over time; and finally he shows how to maintain balanced lives and relationships.

Whether you're looking for help for someone you love or struggling with an addiction of your own, Face It and Fix It will leave you with a greater sense of self-awareness and the skills you need to both improve your relationships and to live the life you deserve.

Praise For…

“This is a practical and effective guide for breaking down denial and facing the void with which so many struggle. Highly recommended.”
-Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of VH1's Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and author of The Mirror Effect

“Ken Seeley is the ideal guide if you want to get out of denial and start really living! Seeley’s unique ability to intervene with love and kindness and get addicts to see the light is an amazing gift.”
-Jane Velez-Mitchell, TV Host and CNN Commentator

“The show Intervention on A&E has allowed us as Interventionist to become a household name. It has been a joy to put a face and a healing heart on the disease of addiction and Ken Seeley has been a very special part of that journey.”
-Candy Finnigan C.N.M.D.A.I., Interventionist A&E/ Author "When Enough is Enough"

“Ken Seeley is a nationally recognized, respected and skilled practitioner in the field of recovery. He is a trusted colleague and I highly recommend his latest work.”
-Jeff VanVonderen, author of Good News for the Chemically Dependent and Soul Repair, featured expert on A&E's INTERVENTION

“Ken Seeley has devoted his life and expertise in guiding and helping families save the lives of their loves ones. Ken’s compassion, love and courage are the foundation of his continuous commitment to helping others. He truly cares.”
-Ed Storti, C.A.D.C. II, Intervention Specialist, author of Crisis Intervention

“FACE IT & FIX IT is a must read for anyone dealing with addiction’s affliction. Ken provides insight and clarity on some of addictions toughest hurdles.”
-Brad Lamm, Interventionist & Author of HOW TO CHANGE SOMEONE YOU LOVE

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ISBN: 9780061696985
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Publisher: HarperOne
Publication Date: May 5th, 2009
Pages: 260
Language: English