Noah Frye Gets Crushed (Hardcover)

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Noah Frye Gets Crushed (Hardcover)


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In this cute and queer contemporary middle grade comedy about friendship, first crushes, and first kisses, twelve-year-old Noah Frye comes up with a foolproof plan to teach herself how to have a crush on a boy to fit in better with her friends—only to discover she’s been looking in the wrong place, and her crush was right beside her all along . . . 

Noah Frye just had the Best Summer Ever. Not only did she have an epic time at science camp, but her new camp friend Jessa is going to Noah’s school in the fall. Noah can’t wait to introduce Jessa to her best friends Zoey and Luna when classes start. But when the friend group is reunited after their summer apart, something seems to have changed: Zoey and Luna have discovered boys, and now it’s all they want to obsess over.

Suddenly, it feels like Noah is the odd one out in their friend group, especially since Noah hasn’t ever even considered boys in that way. When Noah finds herself caught in a lie about having a boy crush of her own, she decides she’ll do anything to fit in with her friends again—even if that means using the scientific method. Noah’s crush experiment is simple: find a boy, fake a crush until it turns real, and get her friends back. But that might be easier said than done, especially when Noah can’t stop thinking about Jessa. What ensues is a hilarious and heartwarming turn of events in this queer contemporary middle grade story about friendship, first crushes, and self-discovery. 

Maggie Horne is a writer who grew up near Toronto, Canada. She now lives in the UK with her wife, where they keep a collection of dogs and children. She is the author of books for middle grade and young adult readers. Her first novel, Hazel Hill Is Gonna Win This One, was a 2023 LGBTQ+ Middle Grade Lambda Literary Award finalist and a Notable Children’s Books in the Language Arts (NCTE) nominee.

Product Details ISBN: 9780063285194
ISBN-10: 0063285193
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: May 28th, 2024
Pages: 272
Language: English

Noah Frye Gets Crushed is pug-sitively adorable! Readers will totally fall for this sweet, charming story about first crushes, navigating friendships, and figuring yourself out.” — Michael Leali, award-winning author of The Civil War of Amos Abernathy and Matteo

“The kids of Middletown are kind, funny, smart, and full of dishy conversation. Noah wants to keep life as-is so badly, she’s clueless to the changes in her own heart. If you’ve ever felt completely lost during crush convos, or have a friend who is, this book is perfect for you!” — Rachel Elliott, author-illustrator of The Real Riley Mayes

“Hilarious and heartwarming all at once, Noah Frye is one of the best explorations I’ve read of the changes that happen in middle-grade friendships and that all-too-relatable feeling that everyone else is growing up without you. Readers are going to fall head over heels for Noah and her friends.” — Lin Thompson, author of The Best Liars in Riverview and The House That Whispers

“With heart, humor, and pitch-perfect characters, NOAH FRYE GETS CRUSHED shows why crushes can be, well, crushing! Maggie Horne shows care and thoughtfulness in portraying the social turmoil of middle school--and how extra-challenging it can be when you don't fit the mold. This is the queer coming-of-age story I wish I'd had, and that the world needs.” — Sarah Kapit, award-winning author of Get a Grip, Vivy Cohen

Noah Frye Gets Crushed is exactly the book I wish I'd had in seventh grade: a sweet, funny, detailed investigation of what to do when friendships change, romance looms, and the people you turn out to like are a real surprise. Maggie Horne has crushed it again!” — Will Taylor, award-winning author of The Language of Seabirds

“Sweet and sincere.” — Kirkus Reviews