The Fulcrum: A Rex Dalton Thriller (Paperback)

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The Fulcrum: A Rex Dalton Thriller (Paperback)


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Dateline: March 11, 2004

The Madrid Train Bombings
Kill 193 Innocent Civilians.

What the terrorists didn't know was on that fateful day they also succeeded in creating their worst nightmare.

No one knows who he is, what he looks like, where he comes from, nor who he works for. He is a sniper who can take a target out from eight-hundred yards to a mile. He can killwith a long gun, short gun, or no gun. He is lethal with edged weapons, explosives, poisons, or no weapon at all. Targets can be executed from afar or die with his breath in their faces.

Among his enemies he has many names: 'El Gato, ' the cat, 'Alshaytan, ' the Devil in Arabic, 'the Ghost, ' and many others.

His real name is Rex Dalton. He has no friends. He has no family. He has no girl. He has only one motto; don't hate the terrorists. Instead kill them, so they can't kill again.

"Each of these characters and others are richly written with lives and traits so vivid to be real. The stories and dialog keep you involved and on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Read and cheer Rex onward as he works to keep the world safe for all of us." - Ralph2 (Amazon reviewer)

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Product Details ISBN: 9780648681007
ISBN-10: 0648681009
Publisher: Jc Ryan Books
Publication Date: September 18th, 2018
Pages: 230
Language: English