Life in Motion: The Osteopathic Vision of Rollin E. Becker, DO (Paperback)

Life in Motion: The Osteopathic Vision of Rollin E. Becker, DO By Rollin E. Becker, Rachel E. Brooks (Editor) Cover Image

Life in Motion: The Osteopathic Vision of Rollin E. Becker, DO (Paperback)


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Life in Motion: The Osteopathic Vision of Rollin E. Becker, DO opens a door into a way of healing that is both practical and profound. Throughout its existence, the science and art of osteopathy has been passed on from hand to hand and heart to heart. Dr. Rollin E. Becker and his teachings represent a vital link in this continuity. He was both an inspired student and a compelling teacher.

Dr. Becker was following in the path of Drs. A.T. Still, the founder of osteopathy, and W.G. Sutherland, who was the developer of "osteopathy in the cranial field" and Dr. Becker's great mentor. And, true to his faith in the fundamental principles of osteopathy, Dr. Becker did not focus on simply relieving symptoms in his patients. Instead, he recognized the health within the patient and facilitated the release of whatever impediments there existed to free and full, healthy functioning within them.

This book includes Dr. Becker's view of the philosophy and principles of osteopathy as well as many aspects of their clinical application. While Dr. Becker practiced what is called "cranial osteopathy," he never limited himself to treating just cranial problems or, for that matter, to treating just musculoskeletal conditions. Dr. Becker used osteopathic treatment to treat countless patients suffering with everything from hypertension to pneumonia to neurological problems to whiplash and every sort of pain condition. Not every condition could be cured, but so many could at least be helped, sometimes surprisingly and profoundly so.

Life in Motion serves as a thorough presentation of his work for anyone studying osteopathy. In fact, anyone practicing a healing art will find within these writings a deeper understanding of the nature of health and healing and the practitioner's role in bringing this about.

The Works of Rollin E. Becker, DO:

Life in Motion: The Osteopathic Vision of Rollin E Becker, DO contains the written and verbal discussions he carried on in his teaching of osteopathy, inspiring generations of practitioners and teachers.

The Stillness of Life: The Osteopathic Philosophy of Rollin E Becker, DO contains his more personal and private communications, revealing the deep reflections and insights of this great osteopathic practitioner and teacher.

Three Great Teachers of Osteopathy: Lessons we Learned from Drs. Becker, Fulford, and Wales contains stories told by those who encountered these great "cranial osteopathic" practitioners and teachers.

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Publication Date: January 8th, 2023
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