Guardian of the Flame (Paperback)

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Guardian of the Flame (Paperback)


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Will her solitude cost her everything?

For twenty years, Sophia has guarded the Lighthouse of Alexandria, alone in her task and in her heart.

Her pain and loss keep her hidden and isolated, even as the elderly scholars she funds in the famed Library try to coax her into the world.

But Julius Caesar and his Roman legions are bearing down on Cleopatra's Egypt.

And when a Roman centurion marches his troops into her lighthouse, endangering the city's best scholars and their secret invention, Sophia's peace is shattered.

As the historic war erupts, tangling Sophia in its chaos, she finds the Roman centurion instructed to invade her lighthouse is also invading her heart.

Now Sophia must do whatever it takes to keep him out-even if it costs her everything.

Book 3 of the epic series The Seven Wonders Novels, which can be read in any order.

Product Details ISBN: 9780990600572
ISBN-10: 0990600572
Publisher: Stonewater Books
Publication Date: April 1st, 2021
Pages: 386
Language: English