A Tsunami of Lies Cannot Hide the Truth (Paperback)

A Tsunami of Lies Cannot Hide the Truth By G. Amare Cover Image

A Tsunami of Lies Cannot Hide the Truth (Paperback)


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In the shadowed heart of Africa's Tigray region of Ethiopia, a dire genocidal war unfolds, shrouded in a "Tsunami of Lies" that threatens to drown the world's understanding of the truth. In this unflinching exploration, the book embarks on "Tigray's Journey Through Webs of Betrayals, Lies, Deception, and the International Community's Unresponsiveness," peeling back layers of deceit to reveal the stark reality. Within these pages, the reader is invited to witness the harrowing chronicle of a people besieged, their lives upended by a devastating genocidal war. The book meticulously exposes the intricate web of betrayals, deceit, and lies that have enshrouded Tigray. From the international community's lackluster response to the heart-wrenching stories of survivors, this narrative unravels the disturbing truth that lies at the heart of this crisis. Through painstaking research, accounts, and a commitment to uncovering the unvarnished facts, "Tsunami of Lies Cannot Hide the Truth" offers a searing indictment of the world's indifference and complicity. It calls into question the very essence of justice and humanity on a global scale. As you journey through the labyrinthine corridors of deception, you will bear witness to the resilience of the Tigrayan people, their untold suffering, and their unwavering search for justice. This book serves as both a reckoning and a beacon of hope, imploring the international community to rise from its unresponsiveness and demanding that the truth be laid bare. In this pivotal work, the author draws upon his tireless investigative efforts to present a comprehensive and unflinching account of the Tigray conflict. "Tsunami of Lies Cannot Hide the Truth" challenges readers to confront uncomfortable truths and to become catalysts for change in a world where silence can no longer be tolerated.

Product Details ISBN: 9781088067772
ISBN-10: 1088067778
Publisher: Gidey Amare
Publication Date: September 9th, 2022
Pages: 528
Language: English