Scarlet Secret (Paperback)

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Scarlet Secret (Paperback)


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With his crimson eyes and uncanny ability to predict the weather, Shiki has always been the odd child out in his village. Despite his quirks, he's cherished by the village chieftain's impetuous son, Yamato, and they grow up together as the dearest of friends. But when the Shamaness Himiko, ruler of Yamatai, selects Shiki as a ritual sacrifice, the two are torn apart. Yamato spends years searching in vain hope for any sign of Shiki, only to find him alive and well... at the center of Himiko's court? 

Disguised as the Shamaness and inheritor of her divine power, Shiki is no longer human and can no longer act upon human desires. Despite that, Yamato is eager to swear himself into 'her' service and stand by the Shamaness' side to safeguard and lead their people. But can Shiki resist his love for Yamato, even if it means going against the will of the gods...?

Tomo Serizawa is a romance and BL manga author from Japan who loves azuki beans and dogs. She's known for such titles as Snow FairyScarlet Secret, Color Collection, and Grapefruit Moon.
Product Details ISBN: 9781427875440
ISBN-10: 1427875448
Publisher: LoveLove
Publication Date: April 16th, 2024
Pages: 208
Language: English