Honor's Journey (Paperback)

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Honor's Journey (Paperback)


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Honor's Journey is an exciting adventure story for boys and girls ages 9-12+


"Yes, there is plenty of suspense here-and yes, some pretty shocking surprises. But I most admired the strange and intriguing world of the past that DB Ayers unfolds before our eyes. A terrific read "
- R.L. Stine, author of the Goosebumps and Fear Street series

"Honor's Journey is a story with both heart and adventure that offers readers a glimpse into new old worlds."
- Vicki Berger Irwin, owner, Main Street Books, St. Charles, MO, and author, Scooby-Doo and You Collect the Clues Mysteries

"Honor's Journey is an adventure that will entertain the young reader as well as provide the opportunity to begin to understand Native American culture."
- Cathy Finley, Rockwood School District, Partners in Education Facilitator, St. Louis County, Missouri

About Honor's Journey

Winter Hawk and his sister Winter Fox are the twin son and daughter of the chief of the Osakiwaug, the People of the Yellow Earth. It is the early 1700s in an area that now covers Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota. At this time, the use of horses is spreading throughout the region due to trading with southwestern tribes, who obtain horses from the Spanish.

Honor's Journey is the story of the love Hawk and Fox have for the only two horses, Swift and Honor, their tribe owns, and what happens when their father makes a peace treaty with a neighboring chief that gives away one of the beloved horses-and pledges Fox as the future bride of that chief's cruel son

It's a story full of adventure and emotion, with a dash of humor, as the twins set out on a dangerous journey to keep the rival chief from claiming both Honor and Fox.

About the Living Then Series

The Living Then Series embeds young characters, a boy and a girl, in time periods rich in cultural and historical significance. The two characters' lives give a close-up view of how people lived at the time, plus the stories convey the historical backdrop.

Through the characters' vivid experiences, readers learn about those societies from the viewpoints of twelve- to fifteen-year-olds living through significant events and learning to work together. Each book is written from the viewpoints of both the girl and the boy, providing separate and together experiences while giving each reader someone to bond with in the story.

Full of action, danger, and emotional involvement, the Living Then Series of books provide an ideal way for middle grade readers to become engaged in living history.
DB Ayers is an award-winning fantasy and thriller author using a pen name for her Children's and Young Adult books. Fifth graders helped brainstorm this book, offering feedback and their wonderfully inventive ideas. From the smiles and the frowns on their faces, I learned what worked and what didn't. The teachers who sat through those sessions and heard the story evolve have my gratitude for their patience. I hope all of you enjoy the knowledge that you were part of something terrific: the birth of a book that may reside on the shelves of school libraries. One final note about the name of a principal character in this story, Winter Hawk. My son Tom is a Native Peruvian born in the Andes Mountains. We were attending a powwow in Iowa, watching a circle dance with chanting and drums, when an elderly Native American woman came up to us. She asked me if my son had a name, and I introduced him as Thomas. "No," she said. "His real name." I shook my head, her meaning sinking in. "No, Grandmother." I explained that Tom was from South America. "North, South, all the same," she said, waving her hand. She pulled Tom close, looked into his eyes at length, covered his heart with her hand, and rested her other hand on top of his head, where his shiny black hair matched that of the dancers. "His name is Winter Hawk. Make sure he always knows it." I was too stunned to say anything more than, "Yes, Grandmother." My son will never forget his real name, and I will never forget the way he got it.
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