The Gateway to 10,000 Illnesses (Paperback)

The Gateway to 10,000 Illnesses By Do Robert Boyd Cover Image

The Gateway to 10,000 Illnesses (Paperback)


The author, Robert Boyd, here describes one of the most thought provoking discoveries in the field of healthcare for many years. His conclusions promise a reassessment of a range of medical thinking and offer what many will see as the "Missing Link" to explaining the origin of our total functionality and, therefore, dysfunction in its many forms - illnesses, disorders and many injuries. His unique concept is totally absent from any current teaching and will challenge the basics of widely held views, conventional or alternative.

This book is intended for the seekers, professional and non-professional, who are open minded as to the possibilities of a new and important dimension in the world of healing. Robert describes in straightforward and largely non-technical language the core mechanism - the engine - of what makes us tick and his conclusions on why this hitherto little understood area are essential for addressing almost any disorder. In particular he describes why it is necessary to move away from the widespread treatment of diseases or disorders - symptomatic treatment - to that of addressing the basic functioning of the total person.

The concepts described derive from the author's background and painstaking research over a number of years. Current consensus is that there is, at best, a limited role in healthcare delivery to be played by the body's structure, such as in the musculo-skeletal system - back pain, extremity disorders and the like. Robert believes that the structural component, if fully realised, is central to almost all of the body's activities and, therefore, to restoring disorder in all its forms to normality. He describes why structure must be specifically addressed and what that objective must be for each of us. Not least, what must be done for it to be achieved.

The author's style is almost conversational and leads the reader logically step by step to his conclusions. In doing so he questions a number of accepted teachings, particularly in the area of "structural medicine" and goes on to plea for fellow professionals to dispassionately examine the accuracy and value of his findings. The reader will find in these pages refreshing, stimulating and optimistic commentary.

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Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing
Publication Date: September 13th, 2023
Pages: 206
Language: English