Protecting Your Child from Sexual Abuse--2nd Edition: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Kids Safe (Paperback)

Protecting Your Child from Sexual Abuse--2nd Edition: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Kids Safe By Elizabeth Jeglic, Ph.D, Cynthia Calkins, Ph.D Cover Image

Protecting Your Child from Sexual Abuse--2nd Edition: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Kids Safe (Paperback)


A guide that empowers and equips us with the right knowledge and concrete strategies to curb sexual violence on our children.

Sexual violence against our children is a real and everyday danger. Protecting them from the threat of sex predators is one of our top concerns and fears—for both parents and educators—as we send our sons and daughters off to school and play. Unfortunately, not many of us know the right way—or even how—to think about and address such a sensitive topic.

Protecting Your Child from Sexual Abuse empowers parents by providing much needed knowledge about a subject that is hard for many to discuss, much less take action on. Seeking both to present the right information as well as dispel misconceptions based on unfounded fears, this guide presents comprehensive research and evidence in an accessible way, equipping guardians with practical solutions, concrete tools, and tangible skills designed to keep kids of all ages—from child to tween to teen—safe from sex crimes. Learn about:
  • The realities of child sex offenders
  • How online registries function
  • What threats and risks exist online
  • What to do if you suspect abuse
  • How to develop open and honest communication with your children on these dangers.

With easily digestible facts and figures, highlighted key points, and discussion group questions, Protecting Your Child from Sexual Abuse is a necessary guide for any parenting or community group to begin the conversation—and develop sexual violence prevention strategies in their communities that will make a difference.
Elizabeth Jeglic, PhD, is a professor, clinical psychologist, and mother of three young children. She has authored over sixty articles and book chapters on sexual violence prevention, as well as co-authored the book Sexual Violence: Evidence-Based Policy and Prevention. She was awarded the Faye Honey Knopp Award for her work. She lives in Cranbury, New Jersey.

Cynthia Calkins, PhD, is a professor, clinical psychologist, and mother of two young boys. She has devoted her career to seeking answers to how to better prevent sexual violence. She has authored fifty articles and book chapters on the topic as well as co-authored the book Sexual Violence: Evidence-Based Policy and Prevention. She lives in Union City, New Jersey.
"Knowledge is a necessary component toward preventing child sexual abuse. Drs. Jeglic and Calkins outline scientific knowledge of sexual abuse and provide concrete strategies in such a way that is easily accessible and straightforward for any parent or community member. Child sexual abuse can be an intimidating and uncomfortable topic, but Protecting Your Child from Sexual Abuse leaves the reader with the knowledge and empowerment to tackle this difficult topic in their own home and community. As a professional who works in the field of sexual abuse prevention, I am impressed with the contribution this book can have toward the effort of preventing sexual abuse. As a mother, I feel fortunate to have this book as a reference for talking with my daughter, family, and community."
—Niki Colombino, PhD
"A must read for anyone interested in preventing sexual abuse. The authors use their professional expertise in a difficult subject area to write a book that is appealing to all audiences. . . . Drs. Jeglic and Calkins help turn fear into actionable steps to reduce the likelihood of abuse. I highly recommend this book."
—Alissa R. Ackerman, PhD

"It is quite difficult for me to put into words just how important I think this book is. As a researcher of child sexual assault for the past fifteen years (and a mother), it is a rare find a book that is a) evidence-based and b) well-written for both practitioners and laypeople alike. Importantly, the information in this book addresses a critical gap in the literature and provides an answer to the question I get asked most commonly, which is "How do I protect my child?" The authors have succeeded at writing a book that is informative, and honest (and at times even humorous); most critically, it provides realistic strategies on how to best protect our children. A must-read for every parent and person working with children."
—Bianca Klettke, PhD, School of Psychology, Deakin University

"As a former sex crimes prosecutor, I highly recommend this book for any parent seeking expert, real world advice for understanding the nature of sexual abuse and how to protect your children. Drs. Jeglic and Calkins offer very substantive but down to earth and practical answers while dispelling commonly held myths about child sex predators. This book is an invaluable resource for parents tackling the difficult and complicated issues involved in preventing child sexual abuse."
—Dan Schorr, JD

"As a mental health professional and a mother, I found this book to be a very important and compelling read. The authors dispel myths about sexual abuse while providing well-researched facts. Additionally, their straightforward way of providing the tools parents need to discuss risks with their children, at all stages of their lives, is approachable, logical and critical for parents and professionals."
—Hollie Levy-Mack, MSW, LCSW