Korgi Slipcase Edition (Paperback)

The fan-favorite, all-ages fantasy graphic novel series is finally complete! Celebrate with all five volumes of Korgi in a stunning new slipcase designed by Christian Slade and Gil Lazcano.

This slipcase contains all five incredible Korgi graphic novels (paperback with French flaps):
    Korgi (Book 1): Sprouting Wings!
    Korgi (Book 2): The Cosmic Collector
    Korgi (Book 3): A Hollow Beginning
    Korgi (Book 4): The Problem With Potions
    Korgi (Book 5): End of Seasons<
Christian Slade spent his childhood dreaming of creating a unique book series that was told silently through detailed ink drawings. Korgi is the realization of that dream. He has also worked on numerous projects including children's books, animated films, and theme park designs. For over a decade, he has been the monthly illustrator for the ongoing Ricky and Pals story, starring Ranger Rick as a young racoon, in National Wildlife Federation's Ranger Rick Jr. magazine. Christian currently lives in Florida with his wife, Ann, and their twins, Kate and Nate.
Product Details ISBN: 9781603094887
ISBN-10: 1603094881
Publisher: Top Shelf Productions
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2079
Pages: 552
Series: Korgi