The Parent's Complete Guide to Ayurveda: Principles, Practices, and Recipes for Happy, Healthy Kids (Paperback)

The Parent's Complete Guide to Ayurveda: Principles, Practices, and Recipes for Happy, Healthy Kids By Jayarajan Kodikannath, Alyson Young Gregory Cover Image

The Parent's Complete Guide to Ayurveda: Principles, Practices, and Recipes for Happy, Healthy Kids (Paperback)


A comprehensive and user-friendly guidebook including over 50 Ayurvedic health and wellness practices for children, ages 3–16, with healing plans for common ailments—co-written by an Ayurveda specialist with over two decades of experience in pediatric health.

The traditional holistic health system of Ayurveda offers a wealth of effective lifestyle advice and remedies for the whole family. The Parent’s Complete Guide to Ayurveda is an accessible primer to pediatric Ayurveda, with simple, commonsense dietary, herbal, and self-care practices to both address various ailments and promote vibrant health and well-being in children ages 3–16.
Dr. Jayarajan Kodikannath, an Ayurvedic specialist, and Alyson Young Gregory, an Ayurvedic health counselor and educator, provide a wellness roadmap that parents can tailor to their children’s individual mind-body type, known as prakriti. This book first gives parents the tools to determine their child’s prakriti and then offers customized everyday diet and lifestyle guidelines based on traditional Ayurvedic principles for a healthy body and mind, including yoga, meditation, breathing practices, and daily wellness routines.
The advice offered in this book includes:
  • How to prevent and manage common ailments and disorders with diet and home remedies
  • How to encourage healthy habits around sleep, diet, exercise, and screen time
  • Easy-to-make tonics, teas, and soaks to alleviate a number of conditions, including tummy aches, stress, colds, insomnia, sluggishness, and dehydration
  • Ayurvedic perspectives on digestive, metabolic, respiratory, and emotional disorders prevalent in children today 
  • And much more.
    DR. (VAIDYA) JAYARAJAN KODIKANNATH is a classically trained Ayurvedic Doctor representing a lineage of Ayurveda Practitioners from Kerala, India, and an internationally renowned Ayurvedic scholar, educator, and keynote speaker with over 25 years of experience currently working as the CEO and Chief Ayurveda Consultant of Kerala Ayurveda USA.
    ALYSON YOUNG GREGORY is a parenting media writer specializing in holistic health, an Ayurvedic Health Counselor and educator, and a Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with Yoga Alliance. She is originally from New York, where she studied with the founders of the Nosara Yoga Institute and taught chil­dren’s yoga and meditation. She completed her Ayurvedic studies with Vaidya Jayara­jan Kodikannath at Kerala Ayurveda USA, where she is an alumna and works as part of a full-spectrum global organization with deep roots in India, committed to transforming healthcare science in the twenty-first century.

    Product Details ISBN: 9781611808520
    ISBN-10: 1611808529
    Publisher: Shambhala
    Publication Date: August 23rd, 2022
    Pages: 256
    Language: English
    “Alyson Gregory and Dr. Kodikannath distill their Ayurvedic expertise into simple, practical tips that parents can use for their children (and for themselves!). Any parent who is interested in a holistic approach to healthcare would benefit from this book. A terrific read!”—Revathi Ramani, MD, MPH, 3 Rivers Ayurveda

    “Readers have been asking me for a book like this for years! The principles of Ayurveda are excellent for fostering healthy bodies, minds, and habits for our children. Nothing could be more important, and The Parent's Complete Guide to Ayurveda provides a concise and inspiring tool for those with children in their care.”—Kate O’Donnell, author of The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook, Everyday Ayurveda Cooking for a Calm Clear Mind, and The Everyday Ayurveda Guide to Self-Care

    “A helpful guide to raise children holistically to reach their full potential. A must read for every parent.”—Vijaya Jujare, MD, FAAP

    “This book is a valuable resource and a rare find! Every parent can have access to this ancient wisdom to empower themselves.”—Trupti Gokani, MD