Learn Russian For Beginners Easily & In Your Car! Vocabulary Edition! (Paperback)

Learn Russian For Beginners Easily & In Your Car! Vocabulary Edition! By Immersion Languages Cover Image

Learn Russian For Beginners Easily & In Your Car! Vocabulary Edition! (Paperback)


If you have always wanted to Learn Russian but have no time, keep reading

Russian is a beautiful language that is spoken by millions around the world It is hard to find time to learn a new language however Language courses at schools and colleges are routine and boring

Learn Russian For Beginners Easily & In Your Car is perfect for people who have no other time to learn a new language It contains over 1500 common Russian vocabulary words, that will help you in everyday life Each word is written multiple times so that you can really learn the correct pronunciation Each words equivalent English translation is also provided

The book is broken up into the following categories

Numbers/ Числа

Times / Время

Colors / Цвета

Months/ Месяца

Seasons/ Сезоны

Days of the Week/ Дни Недели

Food / Еда

Animals/ Животные

Jobs/ Работа

Clothes / Одежда

Family Relationships / Отношения в Семье

Household Items / Бытовые Предметы

At the restaurant/ В ресторане

The Human Body / Человеческое Тело

Weather/ Погода

School / Education Школа / Образование

Travel / Путешествие

Stores/ Магазины

The Beach/ Пляж

Feelings / Чувства

Shapes / Формы

Transportation / Транспорт

Sports / Спорт

Weights / Measures Веса/ Измерение

Countries / Страны

Tools / Инструменты

The Car / Автомобиль

In The City / В Городе

Business / Бизнес

Geography and Landscapes / География и Ландшафты

Describing People / Описание Людей

Religion / Религия

Outdoors / На улице

Adverbs / Наречия

Adjectives / Прилагательные

Accessories / Аксессуары

Geography / География

Verbs / Глаголы

Basic Phrases / Основные Фразы

Directions and Comparisons / Направления и Сравнения

Entertainment / Развлечения

Holidays and Celebrations / Выходные и Праздники

Internet / Интернет

Medical Terms / Медицинские Термины

US Cities / Города США

European Cities / Европейские Города

Nationalities / Национальности

Parts of the world / Части света

Much Much More

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