The Guide to ADHD Coaching: How to Find an ADHD Coach and What To Do When You Get One (Paperback)

The Guide to ADHD Coaching: How to Find an ADHD Coach and What To Do When You Get One By Alan R. Graham Cover Image

The Guide to ADHD Coaching: How to Find an ADHD Coach and What To Do When You Get One (Paperback)


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Many people still don't know what ADHD coaching is. Through ADHD coaching, individuals impacted by ADHD develop new skills and strategies to better manage their lives; identify and work toward their life goals; and become more educated about how their ADHD affects their life. This book helps people know what to look for in an ADHD coach and helps them get started making their lives better even if they don't engage a coach.

From the Foreword by Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA

Enter ADHD coaching, the next piece of the puzzle. Fortunately, around the time I was in graduate school, a small group of folks began trickling into that gap in services and giving these clients what they weren't getting from their prescribers and therapists. The depth and breadth of this book, The Guide to ADHD Coaching, shows how far the field of ADHD coaching has come since those early days. The field has become increasingly professionalized, with solid training programs that give graduates the foundation of knowledge and skills they need and credentials that mean something. This way consumers can more easily find coaches who really know their stuff. ADHD coaching is a serious endeavor and clients deserve skilled professionals. Being good at their job also makes it much more rewarding for the coach.

We know well that ADHD doesn't go away at the end of the school day, nor at graduation, nor on the evening commute home from work. ADHD potentially impacts every part of a person's life--and also their romantic partners' and family members' lives. The range of topics covered in this book shows how the field of ADHD coaching has responded so that clients can be more effective and fulfilled in all parts of their lives.

Current and prospective coaching clients will find this book not only interesting and helpful unto itself, but also that it enables them to make better use of their coaching sessions by better understanding the process and how coaches can potentially be helpful. Bringing your best to your coaching sessions will enable you to get the most from it.

All coaches, both established and aspiring, have a lot to learn from the rich and diverse offerings in this book. There will be chapters that apply directly to the daily work that you are doing and there are chapters that you will refer to, perhaps years later, as your practice grows and evolves. Beyond the direct learning, my hope is that you will be inspired by these authors to think about new ways to help your clients. Learn from the experts assembled here--not only from their wisdom, but also by their example.

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Publication Date: November 7th, 2018
Pages: 338
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