Remembering Monty Hall: Let's Make a Deal (hardback) (Hardcover)

Remembering Monty Hall: Let's Make a Deal (hardback) By Ken Rotcop, Kimberly Kaplan Cover Image

Remembering Monty Hall: Let's Make a Deal (hardback) (Hardcover)


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Remember the show when Monty...

It was the end of one of the Let's Make A Deal shows and Monty Hall, the host, asked a woman in a Geisha girl costume, "I'll give you $200 if you have any Japanese money on you." She didn't.

Monty then went over to a guy dressed in a sailor suit and said, "If you have a bosun's whistle on you I'll give you $200." He did not.

So he found a woman holding a doll feeding her a baby's bottle. "I took the baby's bottle away from her," said Monty, "and I said to her, 'Show me another nipple and I'll give you $200 '" The audience went crazy. "I didn't mean that one " Monty said compounding the issue. Now the audience was rolling in the aisles. And that's how they went off the air that day.

It was the only time in 23 years of "Let's Make A Deal" that Monty turned beet-red. Monty Hall, the man who revolutionized day-time television and became game show's first super-star was totally embarrassed.

Most of us remember Monty Hall as the glib, handsome, personable emcee of game shows. There is so much more to the man. So much more. And it's all told in the form of stories from those who knew him best. His children, his cousin, his co-workers, his friends.

If you thought you knew him, wait till you read "Remembering Monty Hall". Like we said, there's so much more to the man.

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Publication Date: April 30th, 2019
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