5-Minute Stress Relief: 75 Exercises to Quiet Your Mind and Calm Your Body (Paperback)

5-Minute Stress Relief: 75 Exercises to Quiet Your Mind and Calm Your Body By Elena Welsh, PhD Cover Image

5-Minute Stress Relief: 75 Exercises to Quiet Your Mind and Calm Your Body (Paperback)


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Stop stressing—fast! Five-minute stress relief solutions

Relieve stress in a matter of minutes with these handy exercises. 5-Minute Stress Relief delivers simple and effective solutions that will help you feel calm in a snap.

Whether you're at home, in the office, or traveling, 5-Minute Stress Relief has an exercise to help ease your stressful situation. Discover how you can recenter and recompose yourself by watering your plants, practicing yoga, or making a gratitude list. Breathe deeply and get ready to relax.

In 5-Minute Stress Relief you'll find:
  • 75 Fast solutions—Find stress relief when you need it most with visualization, breathing exercises, acupressure, coloring, a walking meditation, and more.
  • Easy-to-use advice—Each strategy is simple to learn so you can start putting it to use right away.
  • Exercises for all kinds of stress—Whether it's personal, professional, or otherwise, these exercises can help you make it through whatever kind of stress you face, wherever it shows up in your life.

It only takes a few minutes to find a sense of peace inside the pages of 5-Minute Stress Relief.
ELENA WELSH, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist located in Los Angeles, California. She specializes in science-informed self-help books and has also published articles in various medical and research journals. Learn more at www.drelenawelsh.com or follow along on Instagram @drelenaw.
Product Details ISBN: 9781641526340
ISBN-10: 1641526343
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2020
Pages: 228
Language: English
“Dr. Elena Welsh provides a practical and useful guide to managing our emotional response to stress in her new book, 5-Minute Stress Relief. Whether you are in a clinical role working with patients in a health care setting or maintaining a private practice, or you are the one experiencing significant stress, this guide can be a helpful tool. Each resource speaks to the benefits of the mind-body connection and highlights the importance of an integrative approach to healing.” —Eileen R. Retzloff, MSW, LCSW, Behavioral Health psychotherapist with Sutter Health Hospitals/Palo Alto Medical Foundation

“This book provides very powerful and actionable tactics you can use to eliminate your stress. A valuable read for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and looking for a plan to change.” —Dave Faliskie, creator of the Stress Less app

“Many of us get so caught up in our stress that we forget there’s something we can do about it. In 5-Minute Stress Relief, Dr. Elena Welsh makes stress relief feel accessible to even the busiest people with simple mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, art therapy, and environmental interventions.” —Marie Leznicki, founder of Mindstead.org, a marketplace of evidence-based tools for personal growth

“In this book by Dr. Elena Welsh, you will find many stress-relief exercises that suit your lifestyle. It is like being invited to a gourmet buffet table where you can try a bit of any or all the dishes, before finding several that satisfy your taste buds and cheerfully consuming them.” —Young Lee, PsyD, Director of Defining Moments Counseling & Assessment Center

5-Minute Stress Relief is an essential guide for anyone looking to reduce the impact of stress on their lives. Dr. Welsh provides a compelling case for why we would all benefit from doing more to relieve daily and chronic stress and follows it up with easy to follow, step-by-step strategies. I plan to recommend this book to both clients and friends.” —Dr. Lauren Stevenson, clinical psychologist and Director of Capstone Psychological Services

“Dr. Welsh has masterfully created a practical and systematic approach toward enhancing daily productivity through these 5-minute stress-relief exercises. The stress-reducing tools presented not only help focus the reader’s mind and body toward accomplishing tasks and achieving goals, but she engages us as readers to participate in the step-by-step activities to gain reflective insights and help create a personalized guide, specific to our individual life demands.” —Anita Avedian, LMFT, Executive Director, Avedian Counseling and Anger Management 818

“Dr. Welsh's 5-Minute Stress Relief is a helpful reminder of the importance of letting go of worry, doubt, and fear, and allowing yourself to express gratitude for the present moment. Whether you're a busy person on the go with a lot of responsibilities or an experienced mental health professional, this book offers stress-relief strategies that are easy to practice daily and can decrease symptoms of anxiety and/or depression immediately. The book has been a helpful guide for me to be consistent in my own self-care.” —Candyce R. Briggs, PhD, CEO and Mental Health Consultant of We R.I.S.E., LLC; Cohost and Producer of Dirt off Your Shoulder talk radio show on black mental health and trauma