Straightening My Crown: Conquering My Royal Mistakes (Hardcover)

Straightening My Crown: Conquering My Royal Mistakes By Mackenzie Douthit McKee, Julie Markussen (With) Cover Image

Straightening My Crown: Conquering My Royal Mistakes (Hardcover)


A raw, courageous account of a young woman determined to turn her turmoil into triumph.

Small-town girl turned reality TV star Mackenzie McKee has grown up in front of the world as part of MTV’s hit reality shows 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom 3, and Teen Mom OG. Fans have experienced the ups and downs of motherhood and marriage right alongside Mackenzie—from difficult childbirths due to her type 1 diabetes diagnosis, to the untimely death of her beloved mother, Angie Douthit. But through it all, Mackenzie never falters in her deep love of family and God.

In her new memoir, Mackenzie proves there is more to her than what the glaring spotlight of fame has shown. She confronts a never-before-shared secret that upends her young life, and explores her struggle to gain acceptance in a family where she felt she was the only one who was less-than-perfect. Follow along as Mackenzie learns to stand tall, conquer her mistakes and fears, and “straighten her crown” in an effort to help others straighten theirs.
Mackenzie Douthit McKee starred on the MTV reality TV shows 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 3, and she currently appears on Teen Mom OG. She has become a fan favorite for sharing the ups and downs of her life with the world, as well as her love of family and God. Mackenzie’s determination and drive has led to her success as the creator and owner of BodyByMac, a fitness company that aims to help others meet their health and wellness goals. In addition to being a mother of three, she is also a popular social media personality and influencer. She has homes in both Oklahoma and Florida, which she shares with her husband, Josh McKee, and their children.

Julie Markussen is a lifelong lover of nonfiction books and a reality TV junkie. She has been referenced in several books and academic journals for her essays on the music of Elvis Presley. Originally from Iowa, she now lives in California. She is a lover of American pop culture, vintage paper dolls, and classic Hollywood movies.

Product Details ISBN: 9781642939842
ISBN-10: 1642939846
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Publication Date: October 19th, 2021
Pages: 208
Language: English