Intergenerational Trauma Workbook: Strategies to Support Your Journey of Discovery, Growth, and Healing (Paperback)

Intergenerational Trauma Workbook: Strategies to Support Your Journey of Discovery, Growth, and Healing By Lynne Friedman-Gell, PhD, Joanne Barron, PsyD Cover Image

Intergenerational Trauma Workbook: Strategies to Support Your Journey of Discovery, Growth, and Healing (Paperback)


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Tools, exploration, and actions to help you heal from intergenerational trauma

Start on the path to healing from trauma that has been passed down through your family. The Intergenerational Trauma Workbook helps you understand the ways in which trauma can move from generation to generation while also providing practical, straightforward exercises to help you grow and heal.

Drawing on their combined decades of experience treating trauma, Dr. Lynne Friedman-Gell and Dr. Joanne Barron have created an accessible and compassionate workbook that teaches you how to recognize and identify the effects that intergenerational trauma is having on your life. You'll discover a variety of easy-to-use, evidence-based strategies that will not only help you heal but also help break the cycle of your family's trauma.

The Intergenerational Trauma Workbook features:
  • Intergenerational focus—Get advice specifically tailored to deal with the unique challenges and consequences of family trauma passed down through generations.
  • Proven techniques—Manage difficult thoughts and emotions, and heal your body and relationships, with techniques developed across years of clinical experience and practice.
  • Supportive anecdotes—Realize you aren't alone, and draw strength from the stories of other people's healing journey from intergenerational trauma.

Begin the process of healing today with the Intergenerational Trauma Workbook.
Dr. Lynne Friedman-Gell, PhD, and Dr. Joanne Barron, PsyD, are expertly trained in the treatment of trauma and addiction. They became pioneers in the field by opening Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center®, an intensive specialized treatment program specifically for trauma.
Product Details ISBN: 9781647399542
ISBN-10: 1647399548
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: December 22nd, 2020
Pages: 198
Language: English
“Grounded in expert knowledge of current right-brain neuroscience, Joanne Barron and Lynne Friedman-Gell have masterfully integrated their decades of clinical wisdom with a neurobiologically informed approach to working with intergenerational trauma. This focused, step-by-step guide utilizes case studies and clinical expertise to illustrate correlates of relational trauma to deepen the clinician’s understanding while also providing clinical support to trauma patients. I highly recommend this pragmatic yet accessible compendium to any clinician working with trauma.” —Allan N. Schore, PhD, Author of Right Brain Psychotherapy, The Development of the Unconscious Mind, and The Science and the Art of Psychotherapy

“The Intergenerational Trauma Workbook is a welcome contribution to the burgeoning field of intergenerational trauma awareness and integration. This gentle, user-friendly, yet comprehensive manual will speak to people of all ethnicities and backgrounds who sense that they are carrying the residue of their ancestors’ painful past. Simply put, this workbook is a much-needed treasure trove of usable wisdom and support for all of us on the healing journey.” —Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, PhD, Author of Wounds into Wisdom: Healing Intergenerational Jewish Trauma

“The authors invite and welcome the reader into their exploration of intergenerational trauma exhibiting both expertise and compassionate understanding. This workbook provides education, exercises, and reflections in an easily accessible manner for laypersons and therapists alike. Informed by neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology, and the NeuroAffective Relational Model©, authors Joanne Barron and Lynne Friedman-Gell, provide a comprehensive instructive healing workbook. I strongly recommend this workbook as an invaluable tool for growth and healing in your journey of resolving relational or intergenerational trauma.” —Laurence Heller, PhD, Author of Healing Developmental Trauma: How Early Trauma Affects Self-Regulation, Self-Image and the Capacity for Relationship

“In addition to demystifying intergenerational trauma, this workbook charts a clear road map for anyone seeking a well-grounded understanding of complex trauma. With expert guidance, Lynne Friedman-Gell and Joanne Baron connect us to the core beliefs we inherited, to the often unrecognized legacy passed down by our caregivers, unknowingly and without our consent. Most remarkable about this workbook is the consistently caring way with which symptoms are identified as the gateway to healing. The wide-ranging interventions, always supported by real-life examples and consistent hopeful messages, are an essential key to unlocking the past and finding our true identity.” —Dr. Aline LaPierre, Founder and Director of The NeuroAffective Touch Institute and Coauthor of Healing Developmental Trauma