Beautiful Beloved Bygone (Paperback)

Beautiful Beloved Bygone By Lucy Anderson Cover Image

Beautiful Beloved Bygone (Paperback)


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It is difficult to get over one's past, but for Zach it seems impossble.

Even after eight years he is not able to recover from the horrors of that nght; until he meets Lillian; she is a sweetheart with a past similar to his but an opposite present.

They're not polar opposites instead they are way too unvaried, maybe likes don't always repel each other.

Can this little brunette teach Zach how to live his today; or will her own past won't let go? Will they fall in love with someone so different yet so similar; or will fate intervene?

Product Details ISBN: 9781685099596
ISBN-10: 1685099599
Publisher: Notion Press
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2021
Pages: 320
Language: English