Natural Soap Making Cookbook: 150 Unique Soap Making Recipes (Paperback)

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Natural Soap Making Cookbook: 150 Unique Soap Making Recipes (Paperback)


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150 Unique Soap Making Recipes

If you are reading this description, then I can safely assume that you either read my other book "Natural & Organic Soap Making Alchemy, " or you are already a pro in the world of soap making.

Since you know the basics of Soap crafting, you already know the Three Most Popular Soap Making Methods.

★Cold Process Method★

★Melt and Pour Method★

★Hot Press Method★

In this Natural Soap Making Cookbook, I share many recipes for each of these methods. Even though you may prefer just one of these methods over the others but I can honestly say after five years of making all different kinds of soaps that each of these methods have their own uniqueness that the others don't.

Which method is the best, you ask? I let you be the judge and jury of that.

Did you know that there is a soap that can reduce Cellulite? How about the soap that can cure Acne and other skin blemishes? My son's acne disappeared after using a soap that one of my friends made (that is how I got interested in soap making). There are many medicinal and other benefits of using Homemade Natural Soaps.

I Divided each of the Soap Making Methods into 3 Categories:

★ Floral Scented Soaps

★ Unique Soaps

★ Medicated Soaps

In each category, I listed 10 of my Best Recipes, most of which are truly unique.

Additionally, I added Three BONUS Chapters with 10 Recipes in each that are becoming very popular lately.

★ Glycerin Soaps

★ Liquid and Laundry Soaps

★ Goat Milk Soaps

But before you hit the "BUY" Button, I would prefer you take a glance at the table of content and look through all of my 150 Recipes and see if any of them peak your interest.

★BONUS★ If you are buy the Paperback on Amazon, you can Download the eBook version for FREE

Welcome to the world of soulful aroma and beautiful colors of freshly homemade soaps

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