Descent From the Blossoms: Grid City (Paperback)

Descent From the Blossoms: Grid City By Christopher M. Barnett Cover Image

Descent From the Blossoms: Grid City (Paperback)


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Secrets unfurl, and lives intertwine within the polluted streets of Grid City, where Fate hangs in the balance by threads. Power, corruption, and the elusive pursuit of happiness shape this sprawling metropolis, pushing it toward an uncertain future.

At the heart of Grid's turmoil lies the relentless ambition of the Clergy, an enigmatic religious order bent on resurrecting the Old Gods, regardless of the consequences. Their zealous pursuit threatens to unleash a cataclysmic chain of events, reshaping the realm. But are they truly architects of their chosen path, or mere pawns in a larger game?

Beneath the murky veneer and overbearing authority, those in power attempt to conceal a secret. A frantic race to bury the truth unravels the city's fragile fabric, pushing it perilously close to the edge. But how far will the City go to maintain its twisted status quo?

Amidst hidden truths and colliding destinies, one question remains: Will the bonds of survival prove stronger than the forces seeking to tear them apart?

Product Details ISBN: 9781737592099
ISBN-10: 1737592096
Publisher: Christopher Barnett
Publication Date: December 19th, 2023
Pages: 276
Language: English