When Sound Turns to Music (Paperback)

When Sound Turns to Music By Coffee as I Write Cover Image

When Sound Turns to Music (Paperback)


A wholesome, who will she choose romance

Elizabeth is just your average, accident prone first year university student who through a chance of fate and a bump in the road meets four handsome, eligible guys. One, Jasper, a serious guy who dresses sharp. Another, Alex, the bad boy who doesn't care what other people think. The third Noah, a short blond with a bubbly personality. And lastly Jason, the tanned, strong gentle giant. However, behind their smiles not all is what it seems, as each one has their own problems, their own struggles. Together with her friends, can Elizabeth figure out what's going on and help these boys? Or is there tragedy lurking just around the corner in this drama filled romantic comedy?

This story includes:

- Exceptionally cheesy moments

- Lovable cast of characters

- Over the top dramatic scenes

- Sad heartbreaking moments

- A Valentine's Day chapter

- And one character who clearly deserves more screen time

When Sound Turns to Music is a unique take on the shojo genre with a light novel inspired format. Blending classic elements of comedy and drama with a distinctively Canadian setting.

Product Details ISBN: 9781778244513
ISBN-10: 1778244513
Publisher: Coffee as I Write
Publication Date: July 4th, 2022
Pages: 240
Language: English