Single Dad Parenting Like a Pro (Paperback)

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Single Dad Parenting Like a Pro (Paperback)


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Finally, a definitive guide to succeeding as a single dad. Raising kids without a partner could very well be the most challenging responsibility you'll ever have to take on in your life. Single fathers make up only 17% of all single-parent households. That's much lower compared to the figures for single mothers. No wonder books and other resources about single parenting are mostly geared toward single moms.But that's about to change, starting with this thoughtful guide for single fathers.

In Single Dad Parenting Like a Pro, you'll discover:

■ How to adjust to your new role as a single parent with a hopeful, can-do approach

■ How to reassure your children and help them cope with the loss or absence of their mom

■ How to manage your time, household, and finances so that everyone in the family is well taken cared of What you need to know about raising a daughter as a single dad, because it's an enormous challenge,

and.....what you need to know about raising a son as a single dad, because it also has its unique demands

How to become the most caring and effective solo parent to a child with special needs

The secrets to disciplining your kids that will make them grow resilient, not resentful

How to be a real man in your children's eyes-someone who protects and provides

10 best ways to beat single-parent stress and keep your sanity intact

How to relax and have fun with your kids in ways that can only strengthen family bonds

How to date as a single father without overlooking its impact on your family

How to raise a happy home with well-adjusted kids while keeping your personal aspirations alive ...and much more

What you'll learn here will make parenting feel like second nature. So don't start doubting yourself now.

Instead, focus on what should turn out to be the most rewarding job you'll ever take on in your life.

Get ready to explore single fatherhood from a calm, practical, and caring perspective.

Product Details ISBN: 9781778258442
ISBN-10: 1778258441
Publisher: Alfie Thomas
Publication Date: April 19th, 2023
Pages: 198
Language: English