The Classic Rollei: A Definitive Guide (Hardcover)

The Classic Rollei: A Definitive Guide By John Phillips Cover Image

The Classic Rollei: A Definitive Guide (Hardcover)


A comprehensive study of the Rollei twin-lens reflexes cameras made between 1929 and 1981

Covering all the production models and virtually all the accessories, this book looks at the reasons behind the rise of the Rolleis, at the causes of their eventual decline, and at some of the well-known photographers who relied on them in the course of their professional careers. It's a guide to everything you could wish to know about the cameras themselves, plus a fascinating insight into the history of the Rollei brand. The lenses and shutters fitted to the various models are also covered, along with invaluable advice for anyone thinking of buying a Rollei—whether they be collectors or users. The Classic Rollei is an indispensable guide to these world-famous cameras and will interest everyone keen to learn more about photography at the height of the roll-film era.

John Phillips is a photographer who has contributed articles to newspapers and magazines, including Photograhica World, the journal of the Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain.
Product Details ISBN: 9781906672935
ISBN-10: 1906672938
Publisher: Ammonite Press
Publication Date: October 1st, 2010
Pages: 352
Language: English