The Breath of Horse Crazy: The Love Affair Between Women and Horses (Paperback)

The Breath of Horse Crazy: The Love Affair Between Women and Horses By Lynn Baber Cover Image

The Breath of Horse Crazy: The Love Affair Between Women and Horses (Paperback)


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Horse make Dreams. Come. True.

Horses live, move, and think at the speed of trust, and unlike some people, horses can't be bought. The end of the rainbow for horse-crazy ladies is transformation; becoming more than they were alone.

Horses tell you things about yourself you don't already know. Horses are as true to their nature as you are, never believing things about themselves that aren't real.

"I slept on that horse, and ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the toy Wonder pony. When I woke out of a dead sleep I cried, because I wasn't done riding my Wonder horse. From that moment, the breath of horse-crazy was instilled in me." - Jessica Shively

Until I was thirty-three years old, I kept the dream of horses alive in my heart, doing everything possible to ride, pet, talk to, or simply be near one. This book is for my sisters in the Realm of Horses, those living the dream and those still clinging to the hope that one day hers will come true.

My years as an equine entrepreneur taught me lessons I couldn't learn anywhere else because each one either blessed my heart or broke it.

Horse-crazy isn't a fad. It's true love.

I'm so grateful to my Sisters of the Realm, generous women who share their memories and hearts with readers. Even if youth is a memory and you aren't living your horse dream yet, don't let it fade. For some the dream takes wings as a little girl and for others it arrives with wrinkles and grandchildren.

Girls and horses go together like moss on a north-facing rock. Some of my sisters in the Realm of Horses come late to the party but have just as much fun.

Why do women love horses? Husband, fathers, and sons try to understand us but often give up, accepting that the woman in his life was born that way and it's better to accept than resist. If you're in the sisterhood of horsewomen, I invite you to share the dream.

Product Details ISBN: 9781938836282
ISBN-10: 1938836286
Publisher: Lynn Baber
Publication Date: April 1st, 2019
Pages: 280
Language: English