The Lioness and the Rat Queen (Hardcover)

The Lioness and the Rat Queen By Noah Lemelson Cover Image

The Lioness and the Rat Queen (Hardcover)


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A city burning...

A murderous tycoon on the run...

And three vigilantes out for revenge...

Marcel never thought his investigations would lead to this; his once-friend Lazarus Roache turned slaver and cruel puppet master. For the good of Huile, and to salve his conscience, Marcel must take Roache down, even if that means following him into the desolate and savage reaches of the Wastes.

Yet the tycoon is not the only Wastefolk with a past with Marcel. To find the tycoon Marcel must break hardtack with an old enemy, a disgraced imperial general who he had once tried to kill, and is more than eager to return the favor. Yet she is not the greatest threat in the Wastes, for there is also a bounty hunter on his trail, the mysterious Queen of Rats, who somehow seems to know Marcel's every dark secret.

Product Details ISBN: 9781946501660
ISBN-10: 1946501662
Publisher: Tiny Fox Press LLC
Publication Date: August 29th, 2023
Pages: 436
Language: English