Stress-Buster Self-Regulation Life Workbook for Kids (Paperback)

Stress-Buster Self-Regulation Life Workbook for Kids By Grand Publications, Sharon Lynn Cover Image

Stress-Buster Self-Regulation Life Workbook for Kids (Paperback)


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Are you frequently confronted with children's stress and are unsure how to handle their strong emotions and feelings?If YES Then keep reading and...Know how to help kids properly cope with fear and stress by reading this entertaining activity book.Stress is difficult to deal with, but with the proper tools, children can learn to manage it healthily and return to the joys of childhood. Stress-Buster Executive Functioning for Kids is a great introduction to stress-relieving books for kids, with plenty of information and exercises to help them develop skills for calming down and facing their fears with confidence.When it comes to anger, children frequently require additional support in managing their emotions. Temper tantrums and out-of-control anger can make it difficult to make friends, study at school, and engage in other activities. However, this book has resources to help your child respond to anger more healthily. This workbook can also assist children in being more aware of their anger and better managing it.This book provides kids with scientifically proven, hands-on activities based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy to help them manage their anger, control their emotions, handle social conflict, and express their huge feelings better. Children will also learn how their anger affects others and what to do when their stress has harmed friendships or other relationships.

The following are some of the things that this workbook will assist children with:

- Recognize the sources of stress

- Recognize and express how kids feel

- When your anger begins to control you, "hit pause."

- Repairing unhealthy relationships

- Expressing feelings and coping with stress with easy exercises

Even adults struggle with stress, which is a normal emotion. This fun workbook uses a nonjudgmental approach to teach kids how to control their emotions before it turns into violence or outbursts-skills they'll use for a lifetime

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Publisher: Hisper Inc
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2022
Pages: 96
Language: English