US Army Small Unit Tactics Handbook Tenth Anniversary Edition (Paperback)

US Army Small Unit Tactics Handbook Tenth Anniversary Edition By Paul Lefavor Cover Image

US Army Small Unit Tactics Handbook Tenth Anniversary Edition (Paperback)


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A warrior's handbook that provides a conceptual overview of all relevant topics of small unit tactics every Special Forces soldier ought to be familiar with to be effective on the battlefield. It seeks to define the course of study for the sound development of Special Forces soldiers so as to avoid the Scylla of mere academia and the Charybdis of pure pragmatism, and to preserve the heritage, lineage, and legacy of the United States of America's most often misunderstood and unsung heroes, the fighting men of Special Forces. The handbook is categorized into five functional areas: HISTORY, DOCTRINE, PLANNING, OPERATIONS, and COMMON SKILLS. The handbook contains history of the regiment because it accentuates the why of planning and operations. If a fool learns by experience alone, then the wise man certainly can profit from the experience of fools. This expression attributed to Otto Von Bismarck, highlights an especially important truth in the study of war, namely, learning from history, especially the failures of others. Professional warriors have always placed a high premium on it, for it yields the laurels of victory. The desired end state for this systematic arrangement of knowledge is to serve as an institutional rudder for the Special Forces Community by laying a solid foundation during the initial Phases of the Special Forces Qualification Course. We're also hopeful this 10th anniversary edition of the warrior's handbook will prove indispensable for ODAs as a quick GO-TO reference when deployed overseas training and teaching warriors abroad.

Product Details ISBN: 9781956904420
ISBN-10: 1956904425
Publisher: Blacksmith Publishing
Publication Date: January 1st, 2023
Pages: 554
Language: English