The Witcher Official Cookbook: Provisions, Fare, and Culinary Tales from Travels Across the Continent (Hardcover)

The Witcher Official Cookbook: Provisions, Fare, and Culinary Tales from Travels Across the Continent By Anita Sarna, Karolina Krupecka, Andrzej Sapkowski (Foreword by) Cover Image

The Witcher Official Cookbook: Provisions, Fare, and Culinary Tales from Travels Across the Continent (Hardcover)


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Eighty mouthwatering and restorative recipes inspired by the bestselling video game series The Witcher, from hearty tavern fare and fortifying drinks to lavish banquets for feasts with friends—featuring a foreword by Andrzej Sapkowski, author and creator of The Witcher.
Take a culinary journey through the fantastical world of The Witcher with thoughtfully imagined, flavorful recipes inspired by The Witcher's expansive settings, characters, and lore. In this beautifully photographed cookbook, Anita Sarna and Karolina Krupecka, the creators of fan-favorite food blogs Nerds’ Kitchen and Witcher Kitchen, share their meticulously-researched, immersive recipes that give fans a taste of the distinct flavors a witcher might sample as he travels the countryside in search of monsters to slay and coin to earn.
These dishes celebrate local and seasonal ingredients while adding unique twists that form a culinary map of the Continent and beyond. Warm up over a bowl of fragrant stew or juicy baked fruit from the namesake trees of White Orchard; end a hard journey to Velen with a hearty, rustic meal at the local tavern; enjoy an aromatic snack as you stroll the markets of Oxenfurt; sample dishes from near and far in the diverse port city of Novigrad; dine on freshly-caught fish and mulled drinks on the islands of Skellige; feast on rich dishes in the sun-drenched climates of Toussaint and Beauclair; or forage on the perilous road to Kaer Morhen to learn the edible secrets of the witcher’s keep. Transport your kitchen to another world with the tempting scents and flavors in The Witcher Official Cookbook.

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Anita Sarna and Karolina Krupecka are the creators of Witcher Kitchen. Anita is an indie video game producer and designer, self-taught cook, and food hedonist who loves finding culinary elements in video games and conquering her kitchen with new, sometimes quirky, recipes. Karolina is a photographer and production designer, sensitive to the slightest detail, who is passionate about Polish folklore, handmade traditional decorations, and books.
Product Details ISBN: 9781984860934
ISBN-10: 1984860933
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Publication Date: November 21st, 2023
Pages: 256
Language: English
“If you’ve watched the hit Netflix sword-and-sorcery series and found yourself eyeing the onscreen victuals thinking ‘mmm, that looks yummy,’ here’s the perfect gift for the chef in the family.”—Forbes
“Sure to delight all RPG fans. Indulge in a comforting bowl of aromatic stew or succulent baked fruit sourced from the renowned White Orchard trees to chase away the chill; wrap up a challenging journey to Velen with a satisfying, traditional feast at the nearby tavern.”—IGN
“A culinary tour of Geralt’s world with over 80 recipes that show off the wide range of dining options available to Witchers and ordinary travelers . . . Oh, and remember—toss a coin to your chef on your way out the door.”—Yahoo! Entertainment
“A total joy. Each page contains fun little nods to Sapkowski’s characters and stories, or to beloved locations from the video games (some of which you can actually visit to find the game-relevant foods) . . . a charming and essential addition for any Witcher fan’s kitchen. With its highly detailed and thought-out recipes, it provides options to make savory meals themed to any region on the Continent.”—Winter Is Coming

“The photographs in the book are almost a work of art unto themselves, showing just how good the food of The Witcher looks. So cook and eat your fill, friends.”The Mary Sue

“Not only is [The Witcher Official Cookbook] a treasure trove of recipes from the world of The Witcher, it’s a glimpse back into the most iconic locations of the books and games through the lens of their food.”The Fandomentals