Helping Your Anxious Teen: A Practical Guide for Parents To Help Your Child Learn To Manage Everyday Anxiety (Paperback)

Helping Your Anxious Teen: A Practical Guide for Parents To Help Your Child Learn To Manage Everyday Anxiety By Katherine Guzman Cover Image

Helping Your Anxious Teen: A Practical Guide for Parents To Help Your Child Learn To Manage Everyday Anxiety (Paperback)


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Don't let your teen struggle alone any longer. Instead, help them overcome their anxiety and feel happier, while protecting them from extreme stress

Is your child struggling with school? Do they seem distant while avoiding emotional connections? Are you worried about your child's mental health?

If you notice sudden changes in your child's behavior, it can be a big concern for you. But you don't have to worry-you can help your anxious teen by using this in-depth self-help guide.

One in five teenagers is likely to experience chronic anxiety sometime during their younger years. And this can be an alarming statistic for parents, especially if you have noticed recent behavioral differences in your child.

Your child could be withdrawing from friends, staying in their room too often, or finding themselves constantly irritable and angry at everything. While every teenager goes through similar changes, these can also be signs of your child suffering from emotional and mental challenges.

If they are dealing with internal stress that isn't evident to everyone else, they may not know who to turn to for help, and this can lead to depression if it is left untreated.

You can act now and be present for your child by learning the signs of teenage anxiety in this comprehensive guide, including how you can help your child overcome these negative feelings.

Helping Your Anxious Teen is filled with real-life situations and experiences pulled from author Katherine Guzman's own challenges. Through years of understanding how her child's mind works differently, she has been able to help them overcome their anxiety.

Now, she shares all her knowledge with you

You can avoid mistakes without searching for hours through web pages and psychology books, because she has done it all for you. This self-help guide is filled with researched knowledge, first-hand experience, and practical techniques to help you and your child.

Inside Helping Your Anxious Teen, you will discover:

How to recognize anxiety in adolescents

The causes of teenager anxiety

The consequences of untreated anxiety

Your role in your child's mental state

Warning signs of adolescent anxiety

Treatment solutions for anxiety

How to notice and prevent suicidal teenagers

A guide to finding the best help for your child

And so much more

Navigating this new situation can be difficult, especially when you feel as though you are going through this alone. But you are not alone-and this book is here to help.

While childhood anxiety is a real fear for parents, it is something your child can overcome. Providing your child with the tools to be mindful of their feelings and express themselves is important for their development.

Also included is a bonus section on how to look after yourself as a parent. Your mental health is just as important, and your child usually feeds off your energy. Helping Your Anxious Teen contains self-care tips to keep yourself happy and healthy to benefit your child.

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Product Details ISBN: 9781990404115
ISBN-10: 1990404111
Publisher: Katherine Guzman
Publication Date: June 16th, 2021
Pages: 190
Language: English