Under A Violet Moon (Paperback)

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Under A Violet Moon (Paperback)


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My mother gave birth to me in a storm, caught in an unforgiving riptide...

The sea is as brutal as it is beautiful, and it has always called to Cealene. As the heiress of Aqualasia Islands, she's surrounded by the crashing waves and the smell of salt, but her duties to her people, court, and monthly full moon celebrations keep her from the water. Until the night Ezera, a boy from her past, needs help saving his father at the docks and Cealene sneaks out of the celebration to find that her world is not what it seems.

The sea is calling to me...The instinct to dive into the black waters overwhelms me...

Drawn into the sea under the full moon, Cealene's true identity is finally revealed-she's a mermaid. After meeting Calypso, her formidable ancestor, Cealene learns that the mythic world of the merfolk is real-and their history with land dwellers is violent, bloody, and cursed. Hexed with infertility for nearly a century, Cealene is their only chance at salvation. But at what price?

I belong to the sea...so vast and ever-changing...my body has come alive...

Caught between two worlds, each filled with romance, treachery and hatred, Cealene only has until the next full moon to decide which life she wants to live. Will she embrace her fate and continue to live in the sea where she yearns to be or will she go back to her life at the palace and fulfill her duty to her people?

If the price of breaking the curse costs more than she's willing to bargain, she might not have a decision to make after all.

Product Details ISBN: 9798218302047
Publisher: Tara N Gabrys
Publication Date: January 30th, 2024
Pages: 314
Language: English