Siren's Destruction (Paperback)

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Siren's Destruction (Paperback)


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Her broken heart. His broken family. Their broken kingdom.

How could he claim to love her while simultaneously handing her a plan for self-destruction?

Lady Ana is left in the ruins of the Tognir Kingdom after the Eltana's defeat, along with her father Ron, Scribe Lin, and a few grieving survivors. As the Tognir begin to pick up the pieces of the only life they've ever known, they're racing against the fading light and warmth for survival.

Long-suppressed truths and centuries of learned distrust breed schisms between the survivors, and soon Ana is forced to face the prospect of slow death in the ruins...or the hope of a new life at the end of the Lost Tunnel. But that hope requires her to disobey her father, put aside her grief over her life-long best friend Eli, and place her trust in the mysterious outcast Scribe Lin. Can she learn to trust him, and will that trust survive the wiles of the Eye of the Rogue, now freed from the Eltana's grasp and on the hunt for a brand new host?

Scribe Lin lost his father long ago when High Guardian Luc disowned him and adopted Eli in his stead. He lost his mother to the Eltana's vengeance and his brother Eli has rejoined humanity at the Surface. Now that the Eltana has been defeated, though, hope beats high in his heart. He can finally reveal the secrets he's been entrusted with and lead the surviving Tognir to their true home.

As his efforts to rally the Tognir fail against Lord Ron's paranoia and distrust, however, the Eye of the Rogue, fallen into his hands at the Eltana's death, seeks to corrupt him and turn him into its next avenging god, despite the beauty and kindness of Lord Ron's gracious daughter Lady Ana. Will he have the strength to resist its efforts? Will he win Ana's trust-and the trust of the other Tognir-before the Eye shatters not only their kingdom, but their hopes?

Second in a trilogy of short standalone, intertwined YA romantic fantasy novels with a dark yet clean vibe, enemies to lovers and friends to lovers romance, epic stakes, and thrilling twists and turns. Perfect for fans of Jennifer Donnelly's Waterfire Saga and Jennifer Nielsen's Ascendance Cycle.

Product Details ISBN: 9798223647065
Publisher: Aly Clark
Publication Date: December 28th, 2023
Pages: 248
Language: English