Land of the Hillfathers (Paperback)

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Land of the Hillfathers (Paperback)


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For as long as anyone can remember, the hillfolk have lived up in the Wolfram hills, breeding their mythical Hill Charger horses and living entirely nomadic lives.

But now, the Hill Charger bloodlines are threatened by age. After many years without a successful hillsinger to refresh the herds with new stallions borne from the mountainsires, there are only five mountain born Hill Charger stallions, and they are growing old.

Persephone may be able to change the coming fate of the Hill Chargers, but she is still trying to figure out her path in life. Will she marry, will she stay with her clan, her friends? How much will she risk just to try to save the Hill Chargers? Some days it feels like the whole weight of the future is resting on just her.

Rock, her father and leader of the Clan of Three Staffs, tries to carry some of that weight, but he's facing even more pressure from the other clans. Between Persephone's role in the hillfolk and Rock's role as keeper of one of the five remaining mountain born stallions there are many people upset at his choices and his luck and some are willing to try to push him around more actively than others.

Edwin, on the other hand, has had responsibility sneak up on him. Looking after Kestrel, his once-in-a-generation colt, and Otis, the strange low elf who has taken a liking to Edwin and hillfolk life, means being where he's supposed to be and doing what he's supposed to do. This is new, for him, and he's got to figure out how all of this fits into a new dream of taking on his father's role as hillfather, someday.

Some days the life of a nomad feels like just a lot of wandering but lately the Clan of Three Staffs has been anything but aimless.

Land of the Hillfathers is a part of the greater Verida universe, and is recommended in sequence between Clan of Three Staffs, book 1 of the Hill Chargers series, and Path of the Hillsinger, book 3 of the Hill Chargers series.
Product Details ISBN: 9798320287508
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 20th, 2024
Pages: 362
Language: English