The Ghost Ninja of Hong Kong Island - Part III (Paperback)

The Ghost Ninja of Hong Kong Island - Part III By Lukas Krueger Cover Image

The Ghost Ninja of Hong Kong Island - Part III (Paperback)


Brandon has done all he can to help Sadie manage her frightening gift, combining it with a distinct style of combat so she can live a normal life. Unfortunately, when the gifted child begins experiencing nightmarish visions of stranded explorers in the remote reaches of Hokkaido, he is forced to devise a rescue mission.

Brandon leads a team of highly trained rescue personnel, each equipped with superior firepower into the rugged Hokkaido wilderness to locate and save the stranded explorers. But when a devastating typhoon barrels through Northern Japan the team is forced to seek refuge inside the remnants of 'The Kinjo Temple Gateway', an impossible maze of tunnels that's demanding and deadly.

Trapped beneath the surface, Brandon and his team must rely on Sadie's power to battle unfathomable forces and find the stranded explorers. But it will be a hard road. For this is an underground labyrinth like no other-a complex web of paths twisting and turning in every direction, making for a treacherous, taxing, and life-threatening journey-the most dangerous place Brandon has encountered in all his many adventures.

Buy in, and jock up for Lukas Krueger's thrilling blend of action, dark fantasy, and mayhem.
If you're a fan of; Black Hawk Down, World War Z or James Cameron's ALIENS-then his multi-genre tale is for you.

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Product Details ISBN: 9798396557024
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 30th, 2023
Pages: 346
Language: English