Hostel of Blood Vampires (Paperback)

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Hostel of Blood Vampires (Paperback)


HOSTEL OF BLOOD VAMPIRES is the story that scared me for years. Still disturbs me till now. The terror I felt then is unforgettable.

Women are perceived as a harmless angels hovering around all corners of the world. Yes truly, women are agents of goodwill and partners in progress. But a walk inside the female hostel reveals more heart-piercing revelations. Revelations that is capable of bursting one's ear.

The author, William Smith is a well respected family man in the United States that has traveled extensively to other parts of the world, Lived before relocating back to the States. Other continents like Africa; lived in countries like Nigeria and have obtained a wealth of experiences and knowledge. This book is one of his numerous books based on his encounters.

In fact, people assume women would always be sweet angels when they haven't even lived in a girl's boarding school. The discovery made inside this book shows that Girls can be mean and cruel too, but there's always a line one shouldn't go beyond. To pass that line is to stop being human.

In the eye-opening work: Hostel of Blood Vampires;

You will find out how vampires operates?

  • The plugging of mouth on human pubic parts..
  • The tactics of the vampires...
  • The friends that turn out to be bloodsuckers
  • The discovery of the evil deeds..
  • The revelation and implication...
  • You can get this for your Students, cousins, nephew, relatives and colleagues children to Enlighten the kids.

It's worth a gift.

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Product Details ISBN: 9798500390929
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 7th, 2021
Pages: 26
Language: English