The Complete Greek Cookbook: 2 Books in 1: Over 100 Recipes For Mediterranean Dishes From Greece (Paperback)

The Complete Greek Cookbook: 2 Books in 1: Over 100 Recipes For Mediterranean Dishes From Greece Cover Image

The Complete Greek Cookbook: 2 Books in 1: Over 100 Recipes For Mediterranean Dishes From Greece (Paperback)


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Are you looking for a Greek Cookbook with over 100 tasty and traditional recipes?In this 2 books in 1 edition by Maki Blanc and Adele Tyler you will learn how to prepare at home over 100 recipes for traditional and delicious Mediterranean food.

In the first book, Greek Cookbook by Maki Blanc, you will explore 70 recipes for traditional Greek food.

Oh greek food From Santorini to Cyprus, from Mykonos to Athens, the recipes and the flavors are a very unique characteristic: everything taste like the Mediterranean Sea

Olive oil, cheese, fresh vegetables and even fresher fish and seafood are only few of the ingredients that can be found in any of the hundreds of Greece's small islands all around the sea.

Greek cuisine has two faces. On one side, you can find the fresh and colorful dishes typical of the Greek's summer. On the other hand, grilled fish and meat and more complex, warm dishes that resemble the whole Greek's territory, a constant up and downs from hills to the sea and back.

The Mediterranean diet is healthy and balanced, perfect for all the seasons and within the greek cuisine you can find several dishes that embrace perfectly this lifestyle.

In Greek Cookbook by Maki Blanc you will learn:

  • 70 recipes for traditional Greek food
  • 70 easy recipes with common ingredients for homemade greek cuisine
  • How to cook traditional Greek food at home

If you like the fresh breeze of the Mediterranean Sea, this cookbook is for you

In the second book, Greek Cookbook, you will discover over 80 recipes for traditional and modern dishes from Greece.

Wheat. Olive oil. Wine. Cheese. Salad and tomatoes. You cannot avoid thinking about the Mediterranean cuisine when these ingredients are mentioned. Fresh, tasteful and healthy cooking is a solid pillar for all the people living on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. The Greek cuisine is one of the strongest example of how nature and territory can give to millions of people delicious and sustainable food for thousands of years.

Typical ingredients of the Greek Cuisine are flavoring used a lot in the Mediterranean cuisine, such as oregano, mint, onion, garlic, basil and fennel. From street food to fancy fish restaurant with breathtaking view in Santorini or Mykonos, the greek cuisine is healthy, tasty and can be easily replicated in your own kitchen.

In Greek Cookbook by Adele Tyler you will learn:

  • How to cook greek recipes at home
  • Over 80 recipes for amazing Greek dishes at home
  • History, ingredients and tips and tricks for homemade greek food
  • Healthy food recipes for Mediterranean diet
  • Mediterranean cuisine at its best: gyros, feta, ladotyri, dolmades and moussaka

If you want to prepare amazing tasty Greek dishes to impress family and friends, this cookbook is for you

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