METAL DETECTING (2020 Edition): Beginners Guide to Discovering Treasures (Paperback)

METAL DETECTING (2020 Edition): Beginners Guide to Discovering Treasures Cover Image

METAL DETECTING (2020 Edition): Beginners Guide to Discovering Treasures (Paperback)


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Are you searching for how to detect treasures? Do you want to learn from updated information on how to detect hidden treasures and add your name to the list of great detectorists? Do you want to find out the secretes on how to detect gold nuggets? If your answer is yes, then this book is for you. Carl Green with over 14 years of experience in metal detecting has great ideas for you in this book.

You will learn the following from this book:

- History of Metal detecting and metal detectors

- Different detectors for different locations

- Where to find hidden treasures

- How to use metal detectors

- Something new in metal detecting

- Untapped areas to search for treasures How to pinpoint metals

- Safety precautions in metal detecting

- New metal detecting tools built with sophisticated technologies

- Sound metal detectors in the year 2020

- How to find gold, silver and coins through metal detecting

- Guide on underwater metal detecting- Metal detecting in Australia

- Best locations to discover gold in Australia

- Safety precautions in treasure hunt- Most wanted coins to hunt for, locations and their worth

- How to detect treasures in woods- Connection between gold treasures and volcanic eruptions

Carl has sound ideas detailed out in this book. Just scroll up and hit "Buy" button and the book is yours. You will be proud you bought this book. This book contains uncommon ideas in metal detecting.
Product Details ISBN: 9798670802819
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 31st, 2020
Pages: 112
Language: English