Calm Amid The Chaos: A Practical Guide To Cope With Stress That Will Reduce The Chaos In Your Life (Paperback)

Calm Amid The Chaos: A Practical Guide To Cope With Stress That Will Reduce The Chaos In Your Life By Miranda Yates Cover Image

Calm Amid The Chaos: A Practical Guide To Cope With Stress That Will Reduce The Chaos In Your Life (Paperback)


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Do you want to know the proven sequence of steps that you can take right now to ease your anxieties and stress in your life?

Calm Amid The Chaos is your guide to a positive state of mind as we will show you how to shift your perspective and immediately improve your life with practical guides and steps. These proven steps will empower you to relieve stress, manage stress and more importantly, never feel overwhelmed by stress again.

The book will serve as a guide that you can comfortably follow along at home, taking you from the start all the way to the finish. It will be a thorough guide providing anxiety support for women and men from the basics all the way to advanced tips so you are well equipped with the knowledge. Lastly, practical steps and exercises will be also provided so you can follow along easily and apply what you have just learnt.

Calm Amid The Chaos will include:
  • Step-by-step stress response book: Complete A-Z guide on how to manage stress and know when anxiety happens so you can effectively handle the state of mind and emotions immediately
  • How to overcome the 6 most common stressors: We will show you how to identify the top 6 stressors and overcome them based on scientific techniques so you know how to effectively manage them
  • The must know tips for a stress-free life: The right perspective and proven stress-management tips will be shared so you can set your life up for success, happiness and stress-free
  • 20 quick stress-relief tips for any situation: This will be your immediate guide to effectively manage stress in any situation so you will never feel stressed out and overwhelmed again
  • Top 10 proven methods to manage stress: Discover the proven methods to manage stress or anxiety in the first place so you never have to experience another stress meltdown in life especially for anxiety people and easily stressed individuals

FREE bonus mindfulness course provided at the end of the book as well

These combined materials are stress management gifts to our readers. In order to experience a stress-free life, you need to be proficient in mindfulness as well. This will be a 5-day course for you to learn more about mindfulness with practical exercises as well.

Calm Amid The Chaos will help you attain the peace and calmness you have been longing for amongst your busy, stressful and frantic life. Turn stress into strength by following our guide from the first page till the last and you will be able to shift your perspective, reshape your mindset, gain new knowledge and tips that will help you effectively manage, conquer and become stress free

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Product Details ISBN: 9798752804168
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 29th, 2021
Pages: 176
Language: English