Hall of the Destined (Hardcover)

Hall of the Destined By Haley D. Brown Cover Image

Hall of the Destined (Hardcover)


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There are two sides to every story-and you've only heard hers.

Exiled from his Hall and denied his royal birthright, Garbhan Silas Stormblood has made peace with forgetting the Northern Hall of Valencia. But when the civil war in the Southern Hall of Aphaedia reaches new heights, Garbhan's birth father opens Valencia to Aphaedian refugees. Believing this will be his only chance to return home, Garbhan seeks his father out for the first time.

Instead of finding mercy from the Lord of the North, Garbhan is instead swept into a blood feud with his half-brother, Crown Prince Cadmus Stormblood. After enlisting the help of a few familiar faces-and a silver-haired, whimsical Mavka-Garbhan learns that much more than a crown is at stake.

Alynthia Herself may fall if he does not succeed his brother.

Through a conflict spanning generations and wrought with cruelty, betrayal, and loneliness, Garbhan will learn that crossing the most egregious lines is the only way to win-

And exactly what it takes to transform a man into a monster.

Product Details ISBN: 9798869074263
Publisher: Haley D. Brown
Publication Date: February 23rd, 2024
Pages: 576
Language: English